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About Zillexa

Zillexa Studio is a well-respected, service-oriented company located in Bergen County, NJ. Our core training was in the fine and graphic arts, but we have over 30 years experience owning and operating successful retail businesses, making us ideally suited to generating an appealing and effective graphic solution to your needs. Because of our retail background, unlike some other design firms, we realize your need for quality work that is reasonably priced. Creating a product that is affordable and within your budget remains paramount in our designing a plan for your organization.


Recognized for finding creative, aesthetic, and effective solutions to match our clients' visions, plus our dedication to providing custom and responsive service has given Zillexa a reputation for satisfying its clients. We will work with you every step of the way, from concept to final product.


Our portfolio includes all types of visual media, from our graphic design, photography and computer-based disciplines such as web design, flash animation, etc.. Over the past eleven years, we have worked with all types and sizes of organizations, but our primary focus has been with our roots, the small business owner.